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3 Jul

Lipstick Color, The Perfect For You

117 total views, 1 views today Photo by Rafael Saes on Unsplash. License Have you ever sat in front of your dresser mirror applying your makeup and redoing your lipstick because you hated the lipstick color that you got? Many women find choosing the lipstick color that is just right for their lips and skin tone a little confusing. It […]

4 Jun

Semi-Permanent Makeup, A Safer and Painless Choice

165 total views, 1 views today Semi-Permanent Makeup?   No pain, no glory. And some beauty conscious women take this seriously. Getting permanent makeup, for instance, could give them a great deal of pain and even some health risks but in the name of beauty, they all have to endure it. Sounds courageous but for the hesitant […]

10 May

Feeling Good in Seeing Stars Without Makeup

150 total views, 2 views today Photo Credit: by Marcelo Chagas On Pexels. CC0 License Are you feeling Good in Seeing Stars Without Makeup? Admit it. You’re one of the millions of women out there dreaming to look like one of your favorite Hollywood celebrity. And you don’t just dream, you figuratively break bones and limbs to […]

12 Apr

The Magic of Permanent Makeup

86 total views, 2 views today Are you thinking of doing permanent makeup? Makeup makes every woman look and feels great. Its warm touch of colors on our face can make us look radiantly beautiful. That is why no girl would leave the house without wearing makeup. One would even keep makeup handy everywhere she goes so […]

15 Mar

The Basics of Eye Makeup

106 total views, 2 views today Photo Credit: By Adina Voicu on Pixabay. CC0 License Expressive and glowing, the eye is a very important part of the face that should be well highlighted when applying makeup. If properly enhanced, it can give you the beauty exclusive into your person. As they say, the eyes are the windows […]

6 Mar

How to Makeup: A Five-Minute Guide

186 total views, 6 views today Photo by Roberto Delgado Webb on Unsplash. License Doing your makeup to look radiantly beautiful can really be so daunting and challenging. But the worst of all, it is very time-consuming. Just imagine the time we spend in front of the mirror in applying our makeup. It’s longer than what it […]