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About Eli Mejia

Eli Mejia

permanent makeup

Elizabeth Mejía worked for 12 years in the health sector in the city of Houston Texas.

Worked as a nurse in the surgery department of Methodist West Houston Hospital; also at the Memorial Hermann Hospital in the city of Katy Texas, Christus St. Catherine Hospital, Katy Texas and at the West Houston Medical Center.

During all her work in which she worked as a nurse, she left her legacy as an excellent human being.

In these moments his passion is the art of Pigmentation. Elizabeth Mejía is an artist with many certifications by permanent makeup companies such as Phibrow, Artliner, Sviatoslav Otchenash Academy. But especially by the International Biotek Academy based in Milan Italy; Credential that describes her as an excellent artist and certified trainer for new permanent makeup students PMU.

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